Bulk Kratom Powder: A Primer

Kratom powder is a staple in the Kratom world — it is consistently in high demand by both new and repeat customers.

At Mitra Science, we understand that whether you are new to Kratom or you are already in the business, you may have questions about it, such as which forms to purchase, which strains are the most popular and how to achieve the best results.

Or, you may simply seek additional, more in-depth and/or up-to-date information about the industry to supplement your existing expertise, in order to make the most informed purchasing decisions for your business and to best serve your clients.


What is Kratom powder and how is it made?

Kratom is a raw botanical derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa evergreen trees native to the lush tropical forests of Southeast Asia. M. speciosa is a close relative to coffee and appears in nature in a number of strains, and in distinct veins as subsets of those strains.

Different biochemical properties are derived from the individual variants; as a result, numerous formulations of Kratom products are available.


Kratom powder is made up of pulverized M. speciosa leaves. Pure kratom powder supplied by Mitra Science consists solely of 100 percent organic dried Kratom leaves, handpicked and pre-sorted to remove any bad leaves.

There are no stems present in our Kratom powder, and absolutely no chemicals, colors or scents are added at any time.

Fillers and additives unfortunately have become commonplace in many other vendors’ Kratom powder offerings, in an effort to increase the volume of powder and drive down costs.

At Mitra Science, we are and have always been committed to supplying our clients only with pure Kratom powder, no exceptions. Without compromising quality, we are still able to offer low prices in our bulk offerings as a result of our efficiently streamlined operations.


While Mitra Science’s bulk Kratom powder is pure and simple, the process to bring you the most natural, unadulterated powder on the market is a detailed one, undertaken by a vigilant, dedicated team of professionals.

First, top-quality, mature leaves are picked and then sorted to remove all but the freshest specimens. Then, after a secondary check of quality, the leaves are washed thoroughly to remove dirt and soil. Excess water is drained before the leaves are carefully placed into a dehydrator, from which they emerge crisp.

At this point, the leaves are ground. To achieve a dust-like, fine consistency, the powder is passed through a sieve multiple times. Once formulated, our Kratom powder products are meticulously stored in sealed containers with strict temperature controls to maintain the highest integrity of product.


Strains of Kratom powder available wholesale from Mitra Science

Purchasing Kratom powder wholesale in multiple strains means offering your customers a variety of products from which to choose. Of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Kratom, one of the most fundamental is regarding strains and veins.


Kratom types are generally divided into three different colors: red-vein, white-vein or green-vein. This division is designated by the color of the stem and vein of the leaf. Different colors correlate to distinct chemical composition. 


When you are exploring the Kratom strains, some of the most popular you will find in the powdered leaf form include:

  • Thai Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Malay Kratom


What to expect when you buy Kratom powder bulk from Mitra Science

  • Bulk Kratom powder can be purchased at a great price. Rather than paying higher prices and shipping fees when ordering Kratom in smaller quantities, you will be able to reap the financial benefits of wholesale pricing.
  • You will be buying high-quality Kratom. When dealing with us as trusted provider, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the Kratom that you will be supplying to your customers.
  • Ordering Kratom online in bulk is a simple, efficient process. Rather than spend time making multiple, smaller orders, you can easily make a large bulk Kratom purchase on a periodic basis that best suits your needs.


While we have only touched on a few prominent reasons, you will find that when purchasing bulk Kratom powder, this decision can be highly beneficial to your business in numerous ways.

As Kratom steadily grows in popularity, new scientific research suggests that we may learn even more about the valuable properties of this raw botanical in the future.


As with all Mitra Science products, our bulk Kratom powder comes with:

  • Bulk savings
  • Fast, free shipping
  • Rigorous, state-of-the-art laboratory testing
  • Cutting-edge research and information
  • Superior customer service
  • Quality Guarantee

Place your order with our team of dedicated customer care specialists today!

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Mitragyna is a genus of trees in the Rubiaceae family. Members of this genus contain alkaloids that have tremendous research potential. Species of this genus include Mitragyna ciliata, Mitragyna ledermannii, Mitragyna parvifolia, Mitragyna speciosa, Mitragyna stipulosa, Mitragyna javanica and Mitragyna hirsuta. The Rubiaceae is the forth largest family of flowering plants by number of species, and fifth largest by number of genera.

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